Andy Lark: Innovate or be eaten

The accelerating pace of technology means small businesses must learn to adapt faster or risk falling behind. To do that, entrepreneurs need to look at how new platforms fit into their operations. That’s the key takeaway from Xero Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, Andy Lark’s Xerocon keynote in San Francisco today.

Speaking to more than 1,000 delegates, Andy explained that the most successful businesses are those that are most adept at change.

“Successful entrepreneurs figure out how to change, not slowly, but really quickly,” he said.

“Those businesses that are moving to the cloud ahead of those that aren’t, are doing exponentially better.”

“Our accounting partners are integral to the success of Xero. Without our accounting and bookkeeping partners going all-­in on cloud accounting technology, we wouldn’t be able to help as many small businesses as we do today,” Andy said.

“Xero’s partner firms and their clients, who are collaborating seamlessly in the cloud, demonstrate just how impactful cloud technology has become.”

Recent Xero research shows that firms with a higher concentration of clients using cloud accounting software are adding more business and seeing higher year­-over-­year revenue growth.

Accounting firms with nearly 100% of their clients using online cloud accounting software, reported the highest growth, posting 15.5% increase in year­-on­-year revenue, compared to 3.9% for firms not all­-in on cloud accounting.

“We invest in building the world’s best platform, that’s how we win,” Andy said. “The great businesses out there are putting platforms, like Xero, at the core of their business. That’s how they win.”