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How to make the five-second rule work for your business

In one of the most powerful TED Talks of all time, Human Behaviour Specialist and entrepreneur, Mel Robbins discussed how she developed the five-second rule when she and her husband were going through a difficult time in their professional lives.

Is your business keeping up in the modern world?

It’s important to ensure that your small business moves with the times.

Russ Fujioka, President for Xero U.S., discusses three ways to run a modern small business.

Technology for the here and now

“Nowadays when someone says ‘I don’t need technology,’ they’re usually met with raised eyebrows.

Allow your accountant to do more for you

Accounting professionals need to embrace the future in order “to save time and go beyond just the day-to-day numbers”

said Amy Vetter, Global Vice President of Education and USA Head of Accounting for Xero.

Must we trust? Learning to have faith in the cloud

Trust is something that is regularly put to the test and has become the very thing businesses have to rely on in this day and age.

The ‘key’ to our success: From Xero to hero

Small accounting firm, Key Accounts, claims that Xero accounting software is the key to their booming success as it is gives small businesses access to their financials when and where they need them.

The stats are talking and they aren’t lying

“Cloud technology is helping to power up and rewire the global small business economy,” explains Alexandra Heber, global storyteller for Xero. The new innovations, tools and products are giving power to the small business owner.

Make cloud accounting work for you

Moving into the cloud is increasing your work speed, making your business more flexible and, ultimately, boosting productivity. However, according to Rob Stone, national partner director at Xero, Australia, “it requires a huge leap of faith” due to the number of adjustments that existing firms have to make. 

It’s time for small business to take on the big cloud

“At last, the argument of whether a small business should or shouldn’t be operating in the cloud has been put to bed. The cloud has won,” says Gary Turner, co-founder and managing director at Xero UK.

Advice on starting out as an entrepreneur from a former Olympian

This year’s Olympic stage in Rio showcases this talent; and while a lot of us are transfixed by the prowess and might of these athletes, perhaps surprisingly, there’s a lot entrepreneurs can learn from their dedication.