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Allow your accountant to do more for you

Accounting professionals need to embrace the future in order “to save time and go beyond just the day-to-day numbers”

said Amy Vetter, Global Vice President of Education and USA Head of Accounting for Xero.

Industry Insight: How to Avoid the Technology Trap

Technology has been a huge boon for accountants, automating many of the mundane tasks that once bogged us down.

With the help of new tools, we’re finally starting to combat the issue of accountants being held hostage to the glorified data-entry role. Thanks to automation, those things that we could do with our eyes closed no longer require hours and hours, and there’s a resulting time and cost saving which all of us have felt the benefit of.

Boxing Clever: What bookkeepers can learn from Olympians about data

For bookkeepers, The Olympics provides a lesson in data mastery. Everyone from Canadian canoeists to British boxers are employing analytics to guide their Rio 2016 training. And Rio has earmarked 20% of its initial $2.25bn budget to spend on IT and telecoms.