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Is your business keeping up in the modern world?

It’s important to ensure that your small business moves with the times.

Russ Fujioka, President for Xero U.S., discusses three ways to run a modern small business.

Technology for the here and now

“Nowadays when someone says ‘I don’t need technology,’ they’re usually met with raised eyebrows.

Industry Insight: How to Avoid the Technology Trap

Technology has been a huge boon for accountants, automating many of the mundane tasks that once bogged us down.

With the help of new tools, we’re finally starting to combat the issue of accountants being held hostage to the glorified data-entry role. Thanks to automation, those things that we could do with our eyes closed no longer require hours and hours, and there’s a resulting time and cost saving which all of us have felt the benefit of.

Technology is killing the timesheet

There is no inherent value in time, and what value there exists is becoming harder to judge, thanks to technology. If you care about your profits, you need to start looking beyond the timesheet.