Technology for the here and now

“Nowadays when someone says ‘I don’t need technology,’ they’re usually met with raised eyebrows.

Technology is what makes life simpler, more productive and more enriched,” according to Sarah Chung, digital storyteller for Xero. So, it’s time to get on board with the technology revolution.
Many people want to get on board with technology but they do not know what technology is out there for personal needs, let alone for business functions. Yet, there are many useful tools out there to help the small business owner and start-ups to succeed.

Manu Jaffrin, global entrepreneur and managing vice president of GetApp, spoke to Chung about his journey in getting his business to succeed by using the technological solutions available to him.
Jaffrin credits his success to being able to release an ‘imperfect’ product into the market so that he could receive consistent feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of his product. Chung adds that “waiting for everything to be perfect is a key error that businesses make around the world.”
“When we launched GetApp in January 2010, it took us four months to develop it.  We launched it in January 2010.  The site was shoddy, but that was okay.  We got tons of feedback from the first users telling us, ‘This is good.  This is bad.’  And we could really then focus on the next iteration of the product,” says Jaffrin. Jaffrin

No matter what industry you’re in, a good accounting solution can help with the financial success of your business. But, technology is evolving there too. Cloud-based services, quick and easy access to your books, communication amongst fellow entrepreneurs through the cloud, and readily available tips and information are just some of the benefits of using an accounting business that is up-to-date with the latest technology.

Key Accounts, themselves a recent start-up, have found quick success do to their willingness to use the latest technology available to them. They are specifically appealing to small businesses with youth entrepreneurs to make use of the technology in order to grow and become competitive within their industries.

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