The ‘key’ to our success: From Xero to hero

Small accounting firm, Key Accounts, claims that Xero accounting software is the key to their booming success as it is gives small businesses access to their financials when and where they need them.

As small business owners themselves, Jonathan Fouchè and Stephane Streuders, co-partners at Key Accounts, understand the difficulties that small business owners face in terms of budget constraints.
However, knowledge of accounts and the financial status of the business is absolutely essential in ensuring the upkeep of your business.
Thus, Key Accounts has designed their business model around performing the role of small business accountant by using Xero cloud software to store financials and allow business owners to access their up-to-date financials when and where they need them. Trent Innes, managing director at Xero, Australia, acknowledges that this is exactly what makes their cloud accounting worthwhile, “Xero was born to achieve a simple but bold purpose: to build powerful, relevant and beautiful cloud accounting software that would change the lives of its global accounting partners and small businesses.”

According to Fouchè and Streuders, Xero is also the best cloud accounting software available, and they have attributed much of the success of their business to it. “When we were looking into cloud accounting software to use for our business, we did a lot of research and found that Xero had the best track record of all services available,” says Streuders. Innes adds that Xero has been named the “most-loved accounting software for two years in a row,” which is why accounting firms like Key Accounts feel they can rely on the software.

Moreover, Xero is seen as the benchmark of quality cloud accounting having scored five stars across seven criteria set by market research company, Canstar Blue. The criteria are as follows: overall satisfaction, value for money, ease of integration, functionality, customer service, ease of use and reporting. And, it has been deduced that Xero software excelled in all of these areas. Innes had this to say about the win, “It’s our second consecutive win – in only the second year we’ve been eligible for the research. And while it’s an incredible feat for us as a company to maintain top results as our customer base grows, it’s notable in a wider context too, with less than a quarter of winning companies ever achieving a Canstar Blue award for two consecutive years.”

However, Xero attributes their success to firms like Key accounts that run their businesses on this software and pave the way for fast, easy and convenient accounting solutions. While, much of the growth and success has been recorded in countries like England and Australia, Fouchè and Streuders hope to pave the way for the South African small business owner. “South Africa’s economy thrives on small businesses, so why not help the small business owner by bringing them into the 21st century of accounting solutions?” says Fouchè.

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